Tawny's Page


My name is Tawny. My treasures are my family, friends, and loved ones.

I have four children. We had a family brainstorming session to figure out what we would like to do with our family summer 'staycation'. I am currently in school full time to earn my degree in Health Information Technology and my husband, Jeff, is also enrolled in classes toward his degree. With this being said, we had to chose activities that are either free or cheap. We will post photos and blog about our adventures here on our family blog and are happy to share our happy family with you.

This page is about me....so what should I say about me....hum....

I love music. I love to read. I am very creative. My favorite pastime, my passion, really is writing. Never can I have a free moment without a story playing through my head.

This is me back when I was my oldest daughter's age. My senior picture at 16 (I graduated at 17). I posted it so that I could look back and remind myself that I was once young and thin. I can always be thin again, right? Right!