Ryan's Page

Hi my name is Ryan. I am 11. I am going to post pictures from my last birthday. It was Star Wars. It was fun. This year, I think I want a Sly Cooper birthday. Sly is a racoon from a video game who is the Master of all theives. He comes from a long line of Master Theives. Dad even made me a cooper cane.

This is how you make lightsabers your Mom will let you hit your sisters with.

This is me making sure that all the pool noodles are straight.

Attacking Madilyn after Mom cuts them in half with a sharp knife.

You have to make the handles with duct tape and electricians tape.

The finished product. Lots of lightsabers for me and my friends, and three of my sisters.

Lexi Vader uses the dark side of the force to choke me and my friend Alec

Madilyn cuts strips for the Death Star!!!!!

Paper Mache starts with a balloon.

Then you paste on layers and layers of newspaper.

You cut a hole to put the candy inside.

When your pinata is completely done. Spray paint.

My cupcake tree.

Jedi against the Evil Lexi Vader (aka as my oldest sister)

Some of my guests and my pinata hanging up in the front yard.

Awesome 11th birthday!!!