Madilyn's Page

My mom started a blog for the family. This is my page. My name is Madilyn and I am 9 years old. This is me. I have never had a blog page before. I am going to use this page to tell you what  is going on with me and to share my thoughts and artwork and maybe a picture or two.

Madilyn <3

This is me and my bike Buttercup. When I was small, like 8, I read a book with my Mom called Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse. The main character was a little girl that wanted to be a cowgirl. She lived in a city and couldn't have a real horse. Her parents got her a bike for her birthday and she pretended it was her horse. When I got my bike for my birthday, I decided that this would be my horse. The bike had a decal on the side saying it was a buttercup. I decided that would be the perfect name for my horse.

I always needed training wheels. One summer my friends, Cameron and Elle, helped me learn how to ride without them. Dad took off the training wheels, and now I ride like the wind. Sometimes I even get my mom to ride with me. I always have to wear my helmet.