Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Plan For This Summer

"I'm bored!"
As a Mom, is there any more annoying phrase to hear twenty times a day from each kid? I have four kids...
The way I combat the I'm bored summer blues is to plan ahead. After a long family brainstorming session we have made a list of 100 things that we would like to do as a family this year. I hope that we can get them all accomplished, but if we can't there is always next summer.
  1. Start a family blog.
  2. Have dad make us a logo for our family blog in Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Go swimming every day.
  4. Have a Yu-gi-oh! family tournament.
  5. Write a script and act out a movie
  6. Chose a summer theme song for each family member.
  7. Visit the St. Louis Art Museum.
  8. Visit Missouri History Museum.
  9. Go camping.
  10. Visit the St. Louis Zoo.
  11. Visit the St. Louis Science Center and Planetarium.
  12. Exercise daily as a family.
  13. Go for a long bike ride or nature walk.
  14. Go fishing.
  15. Enroll in summer reading program at the public library.
  16. Make sidewalk art with chalk.
  17. Have a backyard campout with S'mores.
  18. Have our own family photoshoot.
  19. Have a movie marathon weekend--Star Wars
  20. Have a movie marathon weekend--Super Heros
  21. Have a movie marathon weekend--Harry Potter
  22. Have a movie marathon weekend--Disney
  23. Play Wizard Tag
  24. Have a board game party.
  25. Plan a half birthday for Madilyn and Jacey (slumber party)
  26. Plan summer birthday party for Lexi (Theme: Alice in Wonderland)
  27. Plan summer birthday party for Ryan
  28. Go to a drive-in movie.
  29. Visit the grandparents
  30. Play restaurant and have kids serve the parents.
  31. Watch a baseball game.
  32. Have a graduation party for Mom!
  33. Have our own version of Cup Cake Wars!
  34. Bake a pie from scratch
  35. Fly kites
  36. Go to Old Settlers in mom's hometown.
  37. Go to Festival of Little Hills in dad's hometown.
  38. Go on a float trip in Steelville.
  39. Go to Butterfly House
  40. Brainstorm up a new annual family tradition. Family vote. Best idea wins.
  41. Make a new board game
  42. Make up a new kind of tag game.
  43. Water gun/water balloon war!
  44. Start a new family collection
  45. Karaoke night
  46. Lazy video game day--pajamas and combed hair optional...
  47. Pick berries
  48. Decorate T-shirts
  49. Each one of us make a dish from a different country
  50. Visit the recycling center
  51. Play at a new park
  52. Make play dough
  53. Make homemade icecream
  54. Watch the Frog Princess and go outside and catch fireflies.
  55. Blow up a bottle of diet coke with mentos and then watch Wreck it Ralph
  56. Teach Lexi how to drive
  57. Have family spelling bee
  58. Learn definition to new word and then drive someone crazy using it over and over
  59. Play volleyball together as a family.
  60. Play HORSE or basketball together as family
  61. Wash the cars by hand
  62. Make compost pile
  63. Learn CPR together
  64. Learn first aid
  65. Go bowling
  66. Go skating
  67. Research the family tree
  68. Do a family puzzle
  69. Visit Hannibal, MO.
  70. Go to Meremac Caverns
  71. Transform an something with chalkboard paint.
  72. Go to the beach
  73. Build a sandcastle
  74. Talk like a pirate all day. Arrrggh!
  75. Take in a show at the Muny.
  76. Learn a new dance
  77. Make homemade root beer and then make root beer floats
  78. Learn to play poker--using M&M's instead of chips
  79. Do math worksheet and flashcards to be ready when school starts
  80. Any topping ever imagined sundae/bananna split night
  81. Homemade icecream sandwiches and popsicles
  82. Make homemade lemonade
  83. Go on a road trip to a different state
  84. Go to Grant's farm/Petting zoo
  85. Get up early and watch the sun come up in the east
  86. Write a letter to someone you love and mail it
  87. Fancy tea party with finger sandwiches and biscuts (cookies)
  88. Go to water park like Raging Rivers
  89. 3-legged race and pillow case relay races in backyard
  90. Scavenger hunt
  91. Riddle contest
  92. Make candles
  93. Visit St. Louis Children's Aquarium
  94. Dip our own candles
  95. Make soap
  96. Go see an air show
  97. Learn to make birthday cake pancakes and serve them for everyone's birthday this summer.
  98. Grow home grown tomatoes and work in mom's garden.
  99. Fly kites
  100. Have a day watching old black and white movies.